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SituationReaching and connecting with our youth today is an important part of Law Enforcement and is key with connecting to the community. Since our Western Region Director, Dr. Marcy Hehnly, left policing she has continued to work with youth in foster care in an effort to mentor and guide their lives to a successful future. 

Mission: Marcy is currently working with the Division of Child and Family Services of Utah County located in Orem, Utah. She and her Criminal Justice students (Utah Valley University) are mentoring older foster teens that are transitioning to adulthood. The mission this year is to raise money to take these at-risk teens shopping for business attire for job interviews. 

Execution: Marcy’s class consist of 36 students who are currently mentoring 15 foster teens. Students are not only mentoring, but are teaching life skills courses called “Transition to Adult Living.” Using funds from Project Overwatch the teens will be taken to buy new clothing to make a positive impresssion on job interviews.  We are engaging our public to elicit donations for this great cause. You can help these teens move in a positive direction!

Service and Support: 100% of your donations will go to Marcy’s Kids, we have no overhead. We make no profit!

Command and Signal: Simply click “DONATE NOW” and throw in big numbers! All current donations will be pushed toward this mission until it’s success. 

Mission Update 


Along with Marcy, students from Utah Valley University mentored foster kids from Utah County for a total of 15 weeks. During this time, UVU students taught “at risk” foster kids life skills classes including  finance, nutrition, wellness, apartment searching,  and vocational skills. 

Students and Project Overwatch raised money to take the foster kids shopping for clothing they could use for a job interview.  With our followers help, they were able to take 11 students shopping for professional clothing! Thanks to our supporters for giving these foster kids a great opportunity that all kids should have to be successful! See below for some program details (Teens faces have been muted).