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Situation: Project Overwatch has been extremely active in 2020 in response to the latest surge of anti-Law Enforcement movements and rhetoric. We are continuing to do all we can to assist our brothers in blue by engaging the community to show support and providing other assistance, all through Project Overwatch Veteran leadership.

Mission: Project Overwatch with the With Therapy Freedom Riders will conduct Law Enforcement department visits across Central Texas the summer of 2020 to show our fidelity and support for Law Enforcement. 

Execution: The “The Silent No More” rallies consisted of motorcycle, jeep, trucks, and car convoys that travelled all over Central Texas to visit departments in multiple counties. Through the summer of 2020 we had over 200 riders participate in these events, traveling to the departments and standing with our brothers in blue. Gifts and signs of support were given to the officers and often department leaders came forward to offer their thanks from the unit and express how significant the community’s support means to Law Enforcement.  Service and Support: We will plan and provide support for similar rallies across the country when possible. If you would like to support, please visit our “Contact” page or message us on Facebook. You can volunteer in your local area, or assist us in hosting an event. Don’t have time to get “boots on the ground”, you can also support through donations.

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