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Situation: In June 2020 Project Overwatch was contacted by a local supporter from the Atlanta Metro area. The supporter requested assistance in organizing and hosting a rally to show support for Law Enforcement in/around the Atlanta area. The Morale and welfare among police officers in the area had been severely affected due to recent rioting and attacks in the wake of recent events. 

Mission: Project Overwatch, along with locals from the area, quickly organized a pro-LEO event called The Unity in Truth Rally, in order to counteract the negative narrative being propagated in the local area and Nationwide. 

Execution: The Unity in Truth Rally was held in Cobb County, GA. Approximately 350 to 400 supporters from the local area attended. This was a completely peaceful, positive, and patriotic event. The event focused on the untold stories of Law Enforcement family members. An unvoiced perspective was given to the crowd from family members that are seeing the first-hand effects the violence and negativity that has gripped our country is having on their officers. They shed an unknown light on what it’s like to be a wife and mother to a police officer during these troubling times. 

Service and Support: We will continue to provide support for similar rallies across the country when possible. If you would like to support please visit our “Get Involved” page. You can volunteer in your local area, or attempt us in hosting an event. Don’t have time to get “boots on the ground”, you can also support through donations.  

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