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Fight for Unity

Project Overwatch has teamed with Sheroes United and local law enforcement to begin the “Fight for Unity” project. Project Overwatch’s Fight for Unity is committed to bridging the gap between law enforcement officers and at-risk youth from the Salt Lake City area.  ‘Fight for Unity’ is a carefully tailored program to teach at-risk/disadvantaged youth: life skills, mental wellness, coping mechanisms, and the power of positivity all intermingled with hands-on mentorship through boxing.

The Project will provide at-risk youth and law enforcement the rare opportunity to work face-to-face through physical activity as well as a classroom setting. This program will build trust and unity between the upcoming generation and active first responders.  This will ultimately allow our kids to:

  • See law enforcement officers as normal human beings, mentors, and leaders in the community.
  • Realize their limitless potential and achieve upward mobility despite their circumstances.

This program is in partnership with Title Boxing, Cottonwood Heights, and Sheroes United 501(c)3. Please note that this program will follow all CDC/Covid guidelines of safety. We have youth, ages 14-21 years old and mentors assigned to our kids individually, whom the youth can reach out to at any time for guidance and mentorship.

How can you help? Sponsor a child, sponsor a family member of a child, and/or sponsor an officer so that they are able to use the boxing club for a one-year membership period and towards equipment. All donations made towards this program allow this mentoring program to thrive and to assist in both the mental health of the youth as well as an officer. You have the opportunity to make a difference! Are you up for the challenge?

Ensure to put “Fight For Unity” in the “Add special instructions to the seller area” of our donation room.