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Situation: Police Week began as a small memorial service in 1982. Since then it has grown to a national event that attracts thousands of supporters, survivors, and Law Enforcement every year. Attendees come from agencies and departments throughout the United States providing a unique opportunity  for brotherhood and fidelity. 

Mission: The rate of officers killed and injured in the line of duty continues to rise at a steady state in America. Many of the men and women directly and indirectly affected by these tragic events continue to serve their communities daily while carrying these burdens. Police week can serve as a significant rejuvenating event for these officers and their families. Project Overwatch is sponsoring 6-8 officers to attend police week as our guest in 2019. We are targeting officers that have had traumatic years, with a goal of them attending Police Week as an enrichment and rededicating event. Similar to our 2016 Police Week sponsorship event, officers from multiple states will be housed and attend the event together along with several Military Veteran supporters. 

Execution: Using funds from Project Overwatch and supporting sponsors: Officers will be flown to Washington D.C. in May and provided with lodging, meals, and in town travel. VIP events are also being coordinated to ensure these officers have a unique and memorable experience.  We are engaging our public to elicit donations for this great cause. You can get into the fight to support those that serve!

Service and Support: Your donations will go toward sending these selfless officers to Washington. Any surpluss of funds collected will be used toward VIP events, gift bags and other amenities

Command and Signal: Simply click on our “Donate” button, and throw in big numbers! All current donations will be pushed toward this mission!

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Project Overwatch Police Week 2016